The Beach

Today was our first beach day! Yesterday was consumed with car repairs. We’re good to go for $132. Could have been way worse!

Here’s our first beach day photos:

If you didn’t get to tune in to the Lakeland Revival service last night to hear John play with His friend Dave and his brother Dan, you can go to the God TV archives and find the Lakeland service for Monday night!


5 thoughts on “The Beach

  1. Oh my gosh, you guys look like you are having so much fun.

    The cuteness of Lili’s swimsuit is a thing to behold.

    You are all looking very relaxed, and cool. Also, glad the van fix was cheap! (cheapish)

  2. We’re thinking of adding a day to our vacation since our first day here in FL was spend getting the car fixed!

    LiLi in her swimsuit is certainly the dearest thing for sure. Much sweeter than some of the swimsuits we beheld on the beach today!

    Speedo’s should be illegal, especially when they are on large men who resemble Santa Claus!

  3. Hey, Tracie! I gots me a little beach vacation envy, but surely there’s grace to get me through.

    Meanwhile, I cannot find any archives on GodTV! Looked all ’round the site, but couldn’t find a “go back in time” button. If there’s still a way to see the Monday worship that John and Derek were part of, let me know. Danke.

    Say hey to John and the kiddos. Praying for ya!

  4. Is Lakeland Florida real? Because I do not believe that God would ever kick someone in the face to bring healing to their body. Or run into them full force and knock them out. That makes no sense to me. I thought God is a gentle God. At least that is what I was taught. It just doesn’t seem very much God ordained. let me know your thoughts on this? Thanks

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