Sunday Update

John and I took the boys to see Batman today!

Problem #1: the A/C in the van started acting up on the way to the movie and the engine temp gauge was way up near high! We dropped it off at a car fix-it place and went on to the movie. They’ll look at the van tomorrow. Please pray it’s nothing major. We cannot afford something major!

Problem #2: the movie started and 10 minutes later the A/C in the theater went out. I didn’t even attempt to talk the boys into coming back later. We sat in a PACKED OUT theater and watched the whole thing. 3/4 of the way through, I went and got our money back, got a free water from the snack bar so I wouldn’t pass out, and stood in the walkway and watched the rest. Oh, and I forgot to mention that the movie was so packed and we were so late because of the car issue that we all had to sit in different rows. NO FUN at all!

The movie was great. The previews were horrible.

We came back had a great dinner and are sitting up still at 11:09PM telling stories and reminiscing about when our three oldest were little. I love my kids!


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