We’ve Landed

Well, two long days on the road and we’re here! Everyone did exceptionally well on the trip. We stayed overnight in Chattanooga, TN (wish we would have thought to spend a whole day there!)

The kids and John gave me cards throughout the day as we traveled yesterday, and every few hours would go around and say “Things we love about Mommy!” I love them so much.

We arrived around 7:45PM and Dave and Christy fed us dinner and chocolate fondue for dessert! John gave me a terrific gift (photos to come!)

Anyway, we’re here safe and sound and getting ready to enjoy the day!

(John will be playing with Dave at the Lakeland Revival Services on Monday night- tune in to GodTV if you get a chance.)


6 thoughts on “We’ve Landed

  1. What did John get you!? The suspense is killing me…

    oh and randy said he and john were hanging out at a tattoo parlor? IS your husband getting INKED?!

    miss you.

  2. that is soooo weird. we stayed overnight in chattanooga on Saturday too!! We were actually there from Friday-Sunday!!!

    Crazy, beautiful city.

  3. Caroline,
    Wild! Wouldn’t it be weird if we were at the same hotel?
    I kept thinking that I wished we didn’t have to leave so quickly!

    I’ll get Nick to photograph my birthday gift tomorrow! And NO John did not get a tattoo (yet), he got another set of ear piercings (so he has two in each ear). I got pierced too. More on that later!

  4. we stayed at a bed and breakfast. Bluff inn i believe. It was such a great city. The art museum there was well worth it. we spent all of Saturday afternoon in there.:)

  5. Oh did you get your nose done?! I want mine done again, but I don’t think they’ll let you when you are pregnant….

  6. If you enlarge Trac’s picture you can see what she got pierced. Looks great. Sorry Tracie, mom will find out soon enough. I don’t think you will get grounded.

    Love ya, Have a great vacation.

    your sis

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