Vacation Here We Come

We’re off, tomorrow morning at 7AM that is!
We’re headed for Tampa Bay.

Things I’m looking forward to:
1. Being with my family! (we even like long car rides for the most part!)
2. Celebrating my birthday on the beach.
3. Seeing our good friends Dave and Christy.
4. Heading to Lakeland (John’s playing with Dave there for the service Monday night.)
5. Sitting on the beach for 4 days (I really don’t care what else we do, though I’m sure we’ll find other things to do as well)
6. And mostly, being with my family (Oh, I said that didn’t I)
You can be confident that posts will follow this! And if you enjoyed Nick’s video posts of our last vacation, you’ll want to keep an eye on his blog too!

Off to pack up 6 people for vacation! The laundry is almost done though so the hard part is over. Except I like to clean before we leave, cause I don’t like coming home to a dirty house.

5 thoughts on “Vacation Here We Come

  1. Dave – Dave and Christy – Dave? or Dave – Dave McNally – Dave?
    If you DO see Dave and Ginger McNally, please tell them hi from me…thanks!

  2. Dave and Christy Fitzgerald are really good friends of ours. I’ve known Dave since he was born (I was one of his babysitters).

    Later after we married (and he grew up too)… he and John led worship together for a number of years at our church in PA.

    Anyway… that’s Dave and Christy.

  3. Have fun! Hope you get some sleep before you leave. Seems like every time we go on vacation, I always stay up way too late doing all the last-minute stuff that I think just has to get done. đŸ™‚

  4. Looks like I won’t see you again before we move. Have a great vacation and thanks for everything (organizing meals, adoption info., encouragement, etc.) See you next time we visit (or if you’re ever in St. Louis…)

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