"LiLi is Painting Outside!"

This is the note that was slipped onto my desk while I was on the phone yesterday.

Here’s what I found when I went outside later on.

She had an amazing time creating her very first painting!
Two baths and some severe weeping, she is now back to her beautiful pink self.

(photos thanks to Taylor Loux)


7 thoughts on “"LiLi is Painting Outside!"

  1. I was not in on this plan. It was totally an older sibling plan.

    By the time I knew it was happening, it was way too late to spoil the fun!

  2. Seems only fair that you make those older siblings do the clean up too…

    was she mad you were scrubbing her? or just mad that the painting was done?

  3. cute pictures!! thanks so much for finding our blog. 🙂 Avery got her mark on the wall in Jane and Jeff’s new cottage! and she painted her first rock. 🙂 gotta love it up there in MI!

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