More on Good Bye’s

After much discussion last night, it was determined that it is harder to say “Good Bye” when you are the ones left standing in the quiet house than when you are the ones driving off in the car.

Taylor came to this conclusion. He concluded that it is much more horrible to be left than to leave. Being left means that your house becomes suddenly more quiet and “feels weird”. He decided that at least those driving away have something to do. Drive. And the ones left behind are just left standing there.


5 thoughts on “More on Good Bye’s

  1. AWWW! I never thought of it that way, but how very true it is. Out of the mouths and hearts of babes. May the Lord comfort your family today.

  2. I completely agree! I always tell Jason that when he goes on trips….it’s much harder for us….staying behind than it is for him who is going to ‘do’ something!

  3. AWWW! Taylor, we missed you very much as we drove away. But, I definately know how you feel, that is how we feel when you all drive away. We wish we could be together more. We love you all very much and are so thankful for the time we get to spend with you all. It was a special treat and a memory Justin will always remember.

    The peifer clan

  4. We got home at about 10:00 “Friday night. We really enjoyed our time with you. You are a great family, and it was hard to leave you behind.

    When I first read your post, I thought of a far greater spiritual message. What might it feel like for those “left behind” when the Lord returns?

    Memaw says, “The spirit of love and peace in your home, and revealed through each of you, was a treasured gift that I carried in my heart as we traveled. The sadness of leaving you all was softened by the impartation of that love expressed to us.”

    Your life is about imparting to others. Keep giving!

    Love, Mom and Dad

  5. Thanks Mom and Dad! Love you!

    By the way, who has goat pictures? Tara do you? Or did Isabelle have mom’s camera! I need the run away goat pics!

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