Happy Anniversary John

Today we celebrate 18 years together. I’m so blessed to have been given the privilege of walking through life with this incredible man. His love and tenderness have been a true example to me of the Father’s love for me. He is an incredible father to our four children- they are so blessed. He keeps us laughing and helps me not to take myself too seriously. He is my best friend. I love you John.

Last night the boys plopped themselves on our bed to give us foot rubs, and we started reminiscing about our wedding day. Here are a few fun (or frightening) facts:

1. My dress had puffy sleeves with bows on them. I’m sorry, I really am.

2. The bridesmaid dresses also had puffy sleeves and were a light shade of teal.

3. John’s brother Derek wrote “Help Me” on the bottoms of John’s shoes so that it could be read by all when we knelt for communion.

4. We did not have dancing at our reception, however there was music and a Kazoo was played at one point. I hid in a corner pretending it was not happening. (Our kids were appalled, not as much about the Kazoo, but that we didn’t dance together.)

5. John was almost 21 and I was 22 when we got married. We had met 7 months before and got engaged 2 1/2 months after we met.

6. On our 2nd wedding anniversary, I spent the entire day in labor with Nick. I was in labor for 26 hours. He was not born til the following day. Last night he apologized. I feel much better!

I’d scan a wedding picture if I knew how. Sorry, I know you’re all desperately disappointed!



11 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary John

  1. Happy Anniversary! May you and John have many, many, more happy, healthy, love-filled, Christ-centered years together!!

    Mrs. I

    P.S. Happy Anniversary to the Bohlenders, too!

  2. Happy Anniversary you guys! I am so excited that it’s your anniversary, I hope it’s spectacular! Let us know if you want us to come hang out with the kids so you guys can go out sometime. You know we love our Loux hang out nights.

  3. I’m so glad I found your blog (through my aunt Lisa Quaste Shay)! Happy Anniversary from your cousin Jason (McNally). by the way, i remember when Derek wrote “help me” on John’s shoe at your wedding. i must have been about 10 or 11. too funny…

  4. Any photos of the puffy sleeves ( you mean like the typical formal, puffed up dress with all the shiny stuff and puffed up sleeves, and the big hair?)?
    Any photos with “help me”?

  5. Ok, so we watched our wedding video last night with the kids! What fun!

    As to pictures… I’ll work on it, I just have to figure out how to scan photos on our printer! I’ll do my best.

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