Did He Really Say That

Did He Really Say That?

I need to carry around a little notebook in my hip pocket. My husband says some of the darndest things. Those of you that have had the privilege of hanging with him will attest.

Today was full of one liners, a few that just made me tilt my head an think, “Huh?” Sadly, at this hour I can only remember one of them.

John handed Nick a slushy drink that I had made for him early this evening. He didn’t want the rest and Nick had just asked me if there was more. John gave him his. Nick made a face and commented that it was watery. John’s response was this, “You could make it again. Put it back in the blender and add more ice.” We just all stared at him.

(I’ll do my best to whip out a notebook and post more regularly on this matter.)


4 thoughts on “Did He Really Say That?

  1. haha! that must be the tight welsh in him…scimpin’ on ingredients. waste waste waste you know.

  2. My personal favorite:

    “If I were single, I would totally chase tornadoes.”

    It doesn’t get any better than this because he was NOT JOKING!!!

  3. My Dear Mrs B.
    The sad thing is, he WAS serious about adding the ice to fix Nick’s drink up and make it all better, and LESS WATERY.

    Ice=Water, John.
    More Water regardless of it’s consistency will make said drink, MORE WATERY.

    I love this guy!

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