Yet One More Post Placement Visit

For those of you in the adoption world you’ll know what this means. We have STILL not finalized our adoption of Elia. For those of you not familiar with the term Finalization- this does not mean that there is any need to worry that we will loose her. Typically about 6 months after placement, an adoptive family goes to court and gets permanent custody of the child, including getting a new birth certificate with an official name change and so forth.

Our finalization was set for December, and if you recall the judge refused to hear our case because he wanted an additional piece of paperwork from Elia’s birth state. We’ve been waiting since then to get the signature from a judge out of state. In March we found out that judge had been indicted so they were attempting to get the needed signature from a federal appointed judge.

I think we’re getting closer, but in the mean time we’ve had to continue having post-placement visits every two months (at the tune of $250 each it’s getting a bit old!).

So tomorrow our social worker comes to our house to do an update. She’s really sweet and we love her, but we’d really love for this to be finished.

Would you please pray for a quick release of the paperwork needed to finalize!


4 thoughts on “Yet One More Post Placement Visit

  1. Praying for the signature on the dotted line!! Will be rejoicing with you when it’s a done deal!

    Mrs. I. : )

  2. How annoying!!! Paperwork, signatures..etc…make me cringe now when I think about them. There has got to be a better way. Prayers are being lifted your way!! MERCY, GOD!!;)


  3. Oh man, what a process. I can’t wait to have Elia’s “you are now an official Loux” party.” I already know what I am going to get her: hair care products.

  4. When I was adopted in the 1960’s it took them almost two years to finalize my adoption. I found the paperwork when I was 17 and it freaked me out. I wanted to know why I’d been an orphan for so long! I hadn’t but I didn’t understand the process.

    On this topic, when they called to place me, the nice lady on the phone told my mom that I had a disability. She was completely honest. My mom was very worried but the lady insisted on knowing that my RED HAIR was something that the family could live with!!

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