Toddler in the House

Elia is changing so much, she’s quite the little lady and is fully mobile. Up and running from morning til night with a couple short naps in there to keep her moving. You’ve seen her banana bread thieving and her personal art project, here are a few more of her daily activities:

1. Climbing- up and down stairs, onto chairs, onto guitar cases, into boxes, and pretty much on top of anything that she can get a foot up on.

2. Emptying the pantry: favorite items to lug around are boxes of cereal, crackers, syrup, and Lipton ice tea mix.

3. Sneaking off with my cell phone (if you’re in my contacts list, don’t be surprised if you get a call some day).

4. Playing drums- that’s especially fun to do when Isabelle is singing and playing keyboard.

5. Trying on shoes.

6. Dragging my purse around.

7. Wearing clean laundry around her neck.

8. Getting into my jewelry box.

Notice you see nothing there about actually playing with toys! Though she is found of books and loves to push around her grocery cart, most of her favorite things to do don’t involve typical toddler toys.

I love this stage, but it sure keeps a momma busy! Fortunately there are usually at least 3 or 4 of us around to keep after her!


5 thoughts on “Toddler in the House

  1. What happened to the mild mannered, quiet all the time baby? Looks like she and Zoe could be quite the pair after all! Hahahahaha!!!! Just give them a tube of lipstick and see what happens : )

  2. Elia is a beauty (and the pictures are lovely!) Enjoy her, cherish her, as you know, they grow so fast-in a blink it seems sometimes.

    love to you my friend;
    mama to 6
    one homemde and 5 adopted

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