My Kids


Elia disappeared the other day. She does that to me. It takes about 2.4 secs for her to disappear these days. The older kids and I split up the territory and we found her. This is what she looked like after a few minutes of free reign of the house.

I immediately went to check near the art supplies to see if she had managed to reach some paint or markers. Nope. We checked all the bedrooms to look for stray, uncapped markers. Nope to that as well. Finally Isabelle found a fun ink pad for stamping that little miss had found and done a little finger painting with. Happily they were washable, non-toxic inks and she washed up quite nicely.

I’m not sure if the blog quality of the photo will do it justice, but she picked a lovely shade of blue that totally matches her eyes, especially in the second picture!


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