Great Site for Art Lesson Plans

If some of you weren’t aware, I taught art in public schools for over 10 years before we moved here to IHOP- KC.
I wrote many of my own lesson plans, but when I needed a brain boost or just needed some new ideas, this was one of my favorite websites.

Thought I’d share it with all my home schooling mom friends out there! That way friends like Kari, don’t have to hear about what “a great art teacher” I am when they try stuff at home!

Princeton Online Incredible Art Department


3 thoughts on “Great Site for Art Lesson Plans

  1. Scott loved this site. It should really help him in school. Thanks for sharing!!! We turn in our homestudy paperwork tomorrow!!!!ahahahah

  2. Oh, that’s right! I’m glad he liked it. I had all my student teachers check out this site. I’ll be sure to pass on others to you, if I think of any!

  3. I wasn’t complaining that they love your skills more than mine. Just bragging on you so millions can know, too. I’d rather here oozing than complaining from my children.

    But thanks for the link! You rock!

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