What Are You Reading?

I read. Yep, I was a book worm from the time I could read. I watched my son Taylor walking through the house with an open book yesterday and trip over something, and I chuckled thinking…”That was me at his age.” Taylor is working through the Narnia books this summer. I think he’s on book three and schools been out a week. I told the kids the other day that I would approach my high school English teacher at the end of the school year and ask for a “summer reading list.” Nick just rolled his eyes.

I love to read. It’s a wonderful and sometimes dangerous past time. I’ve had to learn the fine line of balance in this love of mine. I’ve had seasons in life where I have read to escape and times where over indulged at the expense of setting aside my #1 read- the word of God. I now read much more selectively and with purpose and intent.

Here’s what I’m currently reading:

“The Shack” by William P. Young- I think I’ll have a lot to say when I’m all done reading. Right now I’m reading this one aloud to John at bedtime. There have been a few occasions where reading aloud is a bit challenging through the lump in my throat and the grip on my heart.

“Dead Heat” by Joel C. Rosenberg– in mid stream still and very very hard to put down.

Love and Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs because a good marriage book is always in order, even after almost 18 years, we still have a lot to learn. We had a great talk last night on our “date night” about what RESPECT really means.

What are you reading?


7 thoughts on “What Are You Reading?

  1. I am reading The Shack right now too!! And also for work I am reading, “A Framework For Understanding Poverty by Ruby K Payne,Ph.D

  2. John Steinbecks “Travels with Charlie”. I read this book when I was a young man…and some how it found its way back into my life. A must read!

    Father Smith

  3. I just finished The Shack! I am so reading it again, this time out loud to Seth!!
    I am now on the hunt for next book…

  4. Your BLOG is awesome! I read it every day. You have beautiful family… esp. Taylor! I love his face!

  5. I’m reading “Supernatural: The Life of William Branham – Book Four: The Evangelist and His Acclamation” by Owen Jorgensen

    Mrs. I.

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