Caught on Tape!!

Last night I supervised in the kitchen while Taylor made spaghetti for dinner and Isabelle used up the huge stack of rotten bananas from the freezer to make 2 loaves of banana bread. We had dinner and then went for our “almost-nightly” walk. When we returned everyone grabbed some banana bread, and John and the kids went out to play 4 square. I was busy checking emails when I heard a loud clatter and witnessed this scene:


13 thoughts on “Caught on Tape!!

  1. I don’t know if it’s pregnant hormones or what, but I am just like…all choked up at the cuteness! In a very ‘I’m laughing really loud’ sort of way.

    I love how she shared! And that bread had to be all drooly….you guys are so awesome…

  2. Oh I loved every minute of it. We literally broke it apart and ate it all up after that little scene. She was not so happy to have her 1/2 a loaf disappear so quickly!

  3. I am thinking America’s Funniest Home Video’s. We will think of Lili the next time we eat banana bread. Very Cute.

  4. Oops that was from me. Loved how you put together the video. It may be too good for AFV. Love Ya


  5. Its official, that was the cutest, and you guys are the dorkiest. Watching everyone kneel down and receive their communion from the Pope! LOL

  6. Sean,
    Yup, we’re the dorkiest for sure! We sort of do some of the most bizzaro things for the sake of a 2 ft wonder who roams our house.
    Your turns just around the corner buddy!!!


  7. I LOVE it!!!! She is so precious and sharing so graciously!!! Such a fun video with precious memories!!!!

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