Celebrating 40

I know, it’s still almost 2 months until my birthday. And usually I don’t make a big deal about birthdays, but come on FORTY is a big deal!

I also like gifts. Though words are my primary LOVE LANGUAGE, gifts rank right up there. So, if I was thinking of what to get someone for their 40th birthday, I might look at these websites. (Do you think John reads my blog?)

Lisa Leonard Designs

China Baroque (I LOVE their rings!)

Ok, now here’s the deal… share some of your favorite, I WISH websites with me so that my wish list can grow! A girl can dream right?

Also, help me out on this one… What should I do to celebrate?? If you’ve passed the 40 mark, what did you do? If you haven’t help me out with some fun ideas! I can promise there will be no black balloons! I’m excited about this landmark birthday.

Other things to note:
1. This year will be my little brother Joe’s 30th birthday (we’re 10 years and 1 day apart)
2. This year will be my oldest son Nick’s 16th birthday
3. This year will be Taylor’s 13th birthday


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