When You’re Almost F*@#ty

As I approach my birthday, there are a few things that are NOT NICE to hear. Here’s one of them:

Situation goes like this- I’m teaching a children’s track for the Intro to IHOP program and John stops by to drop off Elia before taking the older three to see Prince Caspian.

John leaves.

The intern helping looks at me and say, “Now is he your son or your husband?”

Eeeek, I almost kicked her in the knee caps.


9 thoughts on “When You’re Almost F*@#ty

  1. Oh my gosh! that is so funny! seriously made me burst out laughing! why? cause I think our stinking hot and don’t look old at all!

  2. That’s about the best thing I have ever heard… Maybe she just meant to infer that Nick looks old, and John looks very young. I mean, If I had to guess your age, I wouldn’t guess a day over 35, max.

  3. Unbelievable! There’s no way anyone could ever mistake you for John’s mom. His youthful younger sister, maybe.

  4. i think this has more to do with compentency (read- maturity in knowledge) and less to do with looks. capable women are percieved as older, mom types…
    now about fourty- I believe that is the age we we become women for real. we are pretty comfortable in our skin and style. we can relax a bit and be who we are. i had a blast when i turned 40, threw myself a party and invited 40 women to dance to oldies, eat mexican potluck, laugh and bring no presents (save a few words of wisdom written on cards for me to savor as i stepped firmly into middle age.)
    next year, God willing, i’ll be 50 and it really is true that these are some of the best years of our lives. Enjoy your birthday and celebrate by living well and embracing age as it comes. one day someone will ask if you are John’s daughter!

  5. Thank you for your sweet comments! I really wasn’t that bugged at all… Just tried to let her think I was for a minute!!!

    I don’t think I’m the least big bothered by turning 40 either. And like Anita says, I am feeling quite comfortable in my skin!

    I’ll let you know if we throw a big ‘ole party!

  6. That is SO funny!! When I first met you in person, I thought I had you mixed up with someone else I read about… cause I knew you had teenage kids, and OBVIOUSLY the way-young bright eyed woman could NOT be their mother! Yeah – good job holding restraint and not kicking your help in front of kids. You can still take her down in the alley when no one’s watching. đŸ˜‰ Then again – there’s that pesky ‘love your neighbor thing’.

    Me? I keep getting asked if I’m pregnant. Guess it’s time to loose some weight!

  7. oh, the “are you pregnant” question! Gotta love that!

    I had this conversation with some of my high school students and they all assured me they were smart enough not to ask a woman if she was pregnant or any age related questions! Apparently their mothers raise them well!

  8. Hey don’t sweat that “are you pregnant?” thing. I used to get that constantly, and I was ten pounds underweight at the time. And it was always women!?!

    Just smile sweetly and say “no, are you?”

  9. Three years ago I was here for a conference with a friend of mine who is really cool and young looking with dreads in her hair. I was holding here baby and a young intern next to me asked if the baby was my grandchild. Yikes! I went straight for the hair dye.

    You look awesome!

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