Loux’s Lawnmowing Service

Well, that’s my way of saying how nice it is to have two capable boys and two lawnmowers to get the job done around here today!

I just went out to check on the progress and witnessed this: Nick pushing away and singing at the top of his lungs, either not realizing that people can hear a block away or not caring, “You won’t relent until you have it all, MY HEART IS YOURS!” (Misty Edwards for those of you not familiar)

That makes me smile today! A teenager who is outside declaring to all who should pass by that HIS HEART is totally given over to Jesus!


5 thoughts on “Loux’s Lawnmowing Service

  1. Hey! this is April…so I secretly LOVE reading your blogs, they inspire me so much. I just got into the blog stuff yay! my blog is justice27.wordpress.com. Another random thing is I would love to know you! its crazy I am never like this, not forward like this at all, but ya I am just throwing it out there! there is so much I would love to pick your brain about! I have amazing friends, but what I miss is those motherly conversations!

  2. Hey You! I just pulled up your blog with my son (4) on my lap. He asked if your profile pic was me. When I told him no (I was thinking it was the bright eyes that made him think so), he said, but her hair looks funny too… like yours! Just thought I’d share – you beautiful blue eyed, funny haired girl, you!

  3. April, awww thanks! I emailed you!

    Joanna, SO FUNNY! Thanks fOR SHaring (Elia is pL1`AYING WITH The capS LOCk BUTTON. GOTTA RUN)

  4. Anonymous,
    Please sign your name next time. Thanks.

    As to bragging about my kids. I wouldn’t call it bragging, more like declaring the goodness of God over their lives and rejoicing in what He has done in them.

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