D.C. Bound

We enjoyed a long awaited dinner with our friends Randy and Kelsey last night. We had the added bonus of having a gift card to The Melting Pot just burning a hole in our pocket. So, not only did we get to hang out with two of our most favorite people in the whole world, we got to spend about three hours eating amazing food together. Much of our conversation was about our upcoming summer plans.

I haven’t blogged about our summer adventure, so it’s time to catch you up to speed and ask you to please pray. We have been asked to join the Summer Strike Force in DC that will be praying and worshiping at JHOP- Justice House of Prayer, and interceding on the steps of the Supreme Court (24/7) for the ending of abortion, for righteous government, and for God to pour Himself out upon our nation and have mercy on us. This summer of intercession is in preparation for The Call D.C. August 16, 2008.

We will be helping Randy and Kelsey to oversee the groups of people- many of them teens and young adults- coming in to help fuel the house of prayer and stand at the Supreme Court. John will supervise and organize worship teams, as well as leading a team of his own. Our children will be playing and singing on teams and working side by side with us in D.C.

Why are we doing this? Here’s quote by Lou Engle

LOU ENGLE talking to the kids about the Call D.C. in our Malachi 4:6 Prayer Meeting, and calling them to come to D.C. with their families to stand in the solemn assembly on August 16th.- photo by Shelley Paulson

We know that God is moving on our nation. We know that He standing in righteousness to judge us for the sins of our nation, and we feel compelled to be part of this summer event as a family. To stand on the wall crying out,

“Jesus I plead your blood over my sins and the sins of my nation.
God end abortion and send revival to America.”

The kids praying the Life Prayer with Lou. (prayer above)- photo by Shelley Paulson

We feel like this is part of the plan of God for our family, and we are stepping out in obedience to the Lord. We are excited for the opportunity to minister with our children. We ask that you would pray for us!

We are scheduled to leave Kansas City on May 24th, arriving in D.C. on May 26th. We will be gone for a month. The majority of that time we will be in D.C. with a few days tacked on the end to visit family on the way home.

We need a financial miracle this week in order for us to get to D.C. We are believing for a few people who believe in what God is asking of us to get behind us financially and help. We are in need of about $2500 to cover car repairs needed before we leave, and travel expenses for our journey to D.C. In addition we are needing to take care of some household maintenance and find someone to care for our yard/home while we are gone.

If you feel led to help in anyway, please contact us via email tracieloux@ihop.org or give via our paypal link in the sidebar.


5 thoughts on “D.C. Bound

  1. I am so excited for you guys, but I am going to miss you so much! Can I call you when we find out what we are having?- Jennifer

  2. You’d better call me!!! I don’t want to find out via the blog!
    Auntie Tracie (I like that!)

  3. Yes I agree Auntie Tracie has a great ring to it… I’ll make sure I call you, and hopefully you won’t be trying to negotiate D.C. traffic at the time…

  4. hmmmm…I didn’t know Jesus had a blog! “Jesus, I plead your blog over my sins and the sins of my nation…” You have to either give me his web address or you may want to fix that! hahaha…

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