Rolly-Polly LiLi

Elia fell asleep on the living room floor last night. She’s never done that. She normally has to be nicely tucked in bed to fall asleep.

I’ve learned a few things about Elia’s sleeping habits from the many occasions she has spent time sleeping in bed with us in the wee hours of the morning. This is what I know. She is a flopsy baby. She rolls A LOT, she kicks, she slaps- she’s just a busy busy sleeper.

Last night I got to witness it first hand. She literally rolled clear across the living room floor at one point. Another time, she stood up (in her sleep), took two steps, laid back down and rolled into a comfy position.

Observing all of this confirmed just why it is so difficult to sleep with her. Last night was one of those nights. She went to bed with a fever, Tylenol had not kicked in, and ended up waking at 2 o’clockish with a fever and yucky cough. She needed me of course, and I never ever make a sick baby “cry it out.”

Sick Elia is no less rolly-polly, flopsy-mopsy than well Elia- thus the unexplained gash on my forehead this morning.


4 thoughts on “Rolly-Polly LiLi

  1. oops…sorry tracie. it’s me, lisa shay. no gash only bruises. just a rolly-polly kid. i remember a fews years back when our boys were at various stages of nighttime “issues”. Titus, our baby, was still getting up at night. Joseph, the oldest, was having nightmares. Elijah, middle, always seemed to have a cold and awoke. Shawn and I would wake up in the morning having no idea at all how we ended up where we were! Sometimes I would go downstairs to Joseph’s room and take up occupancy on the vacant upper bunk. Sometimes Shawn would fall asleep with Titus on the recliner only to find I had switched kids and he’d awake with Elijah instead. One particularly sleep deprived night I awoke in great distress because I couldn’t find Titus in our bed. I lifted the sheets several times. I panicked and kept thinking, Shawn is going to be so mad at me for losing Titus. Then I came to. I’d been sleep/dreaming. I realized Titus was in my hands and it was HE I was lifting about, NOT the sheets. AACK! Glad those days…er ah nights are behind us.

  2. Ahhh! Karis sleeps like that too! It’s pretty funn to watch! : ) I’m sorry she’s sick!!! Hope she is feeling better today!!!

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