My Kids

Random Assortment of Louisiana Photos

Elia playing in the prayer room.

Isabelle and Elia at the Bridesmaid Luncheon, looking out the 9th story window. This kept Elia entertained for quite a long time.

Taylor in a tree at the rehearsal. Tay loves being in trees, and Louisiana trees were especially wonderful to climb.

John at Rehearsal.

Rehearsal Dinner, a rare picture of the whole family! Dinner at 8:30PM- a little tricky with a sleepy baby.

Nick took this one. I like the lights in the background.

Being goofy just before bedtime. The kids found these Chinese hats in the room where we were staying. Elia was too tired to cooperate for this photo, but we tried.


3 thoughts on “Random Assortment of Louisiana Photos

  1. I think the one of Elia playing the drum is probably prophetic!! That’s a great Big Sister/Little Sister picture as the 2 of your girls gaze out on the world from the 9th floor.

    Such fun times – I’m glad you’re enjoying every minute!

    Mrs. I. : )

  2. tracie, i gave your site to my friend, debbie, from our church. they had 3 bio children first and have since adopted 6 children! the youngest is 8 weeks old. She is an incredible woman of God and their family is truly amazing. I’m going to take the liberty of putting your link under our favs on our blog. i’m assuming you will not have issue with this…i know that my blog visitors will be truly blessed by your site. Thanks! Lisa

  3. Anonymous,
    I’m sorry but I don’t post any unsigned comments. I’m sorry for your perception of our family, but it is entirely inaccurate.

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