Welcome to the World Miss Elia Jane

Dear Family and Friends,
Thank you for your prayers and support. Elia Jane arrived March 7, 2007 at 11:56AM, weighing 6lbs 10oz, at 36 weeks and 3 days, not bad for almost a month early! She had some early breathing struggles yesterday, and has been put in the NICU for some antibiotic treatment and to monitor her breathing more closely. Please pray for complete healing and restoration to her breathing.
Elia means “The Lord is God”
Jane means “God is Gracious”
“She will be a great joy and delight to you, and may will rejoice because of her birth, for she will be great in the sight of the Lord…” Luke 1:17

We are truly rejoicing!
Much Love,
John and Tracie
Nicholas, Taylor, Isabelle, and Elia


13 thoughts on “Welcome to the World Miss Elia Jane


    This is your uncle Randy. Pay no attention to the others. I am your favorite. I am a constant source of jelly beans and barbie dolls and true stories about your Pop. Repeat after me. RANDY IS MY FAVORITE. Good girl! Now come home!

    John and Tracie – she’s gorgeous! We are so excited for you guys.

  2. Oh, she is just beautiful! Welcome to the world Elia Jane, we’ve been joyfully waiting for you. 😀

    Congratulations John and Tracie!!!

  3. hi mom i’m a sister wow it was unreal a wile a go
    when you left i love you and you are a great mom for 4 kids i feel real speashal and you are the best


  4. It’s about time you posted those pictures!! : )
    She’s awesome!! I’m really going to have to make some time to travel to Kansas City now. First Zoe and now Elia Jane : )
    Congratulations!!! We’re so happy for you guys!!

  5. She is beautiful!!! Here I was thinking you were all in high gear getting ready for your fundraiser and I click on your blog and there is the Guest of Honor cradled in your loving arms – so exciting! Praying for all of you!

  6. She’s so beautiful. I’m so happy for your family. I’ve been thinking about you guys a lot lately. Seeing the pictures of that beautiful girl makes me smile.

    Are you guys free friday night (as in the 9th)? A group of us are meeting at the river front for worship and devotional or just “something different.” We’re meeting around 7 – which means we’ll probably start around 7:30ish.

    If you guys aren’t free, let me know when you may be – I’d like to take you guys out while your down here.

    OK, now that I have rambled in the goofiness that is just waking up – I’ll wrap this up now. Send me an email if your free one day (either in the morning or later in the evening as I work nights).

    Emily Mea

  7. emily I seem to be doing something wrong and cannot get emails to send to you, I’m so sorry!!!!
    we’re still in the NICU with Elia though

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